Ad Nauseam Project, SRS, Grubic’s Cube, etc.

  • Jeff Grubic and Chamberlab

    On Feb. 28th, 2014, Jeff Grubic composed a piece entitled “Banda Sin Loa”, for Chamberlab at the Rialto Theater. More info can be found here.

  • We are still here!

    The Ad Nauseam Project is currently working on two projects. One is a traveling museum inspired by the archeology and nature exhibits found in rarely-visited state parks and Bureau of Land Management sites. We are also working on another variation of the Grubic’s Cube.

  • Pictures of Grubic’s Cube in Tours, FR

    Here is a link to some nice photos of the cube in Tours, FR. Special thanks to Rubin Steiner for booking. This was the line-up for the Tours show on 9/29/11: Jean-Baptiste (JB) Geoffrey (Pneu) Jérôme Vasserau (Pneu) Jeremy Morin (The Dictaphone) Sean Rogers (Signature Hedge Cumbia)  

  • Flying Dinner @ Cafe Rivolux, Paris

      On 10/10/11, I performed at a Flying Dinner, organized by the wonderful Linda Grabe and Samantha Barroero. I provided a replacement soundtrack for the Serge Bard film, Fun and Games for Everyone (1968), a film that ostensibly documents an art opening for Olivier Mosset. Thanks to Naïm Amor for his guitar accompaniment and Didier […]

  • Links to upcoming shows in Nantes & Tours

    Here are two links to the show in Tours 29/9- and the two shows in Nantes 30/9, 1/10-

  • Answers to a few questions 1. At the age of 14, I joined a soul/R&B band that played 4 nights a week at some of the most dangerous clubs in Northern California. We would start at 9 pm and sometimes not finish until 6 the next morning. There were times when guns were pulled and […]

  • New Grubic’s Cube

    The first Grubic’s Cube happened in 2009 at Hotel Congress in Tucson, Arizona. A four-piece jazz band was placed inside a cube and asked to play “The Girl from Ipanema” ad nauseam. Passers-by were given balloons to inflate and place in the cube with the intent of stopping the music by immobilizing the musicians. A […]

  • recent radio show

    recent radio show

    About a month ago, Jazz Telephone was lucky enough to do a live broadcast on the local radio station, KXCI. They have a podcast in their archives if you are curious. One song they did not include in the podcast was something I did with another band, The Love Dogs, almost 30 years ago. Here […]

  • Grubic’s Cube

    Aug. 21st, 2009 Tucson, AZ A new music performance at Hotel Congress at 6 pm.

  • Upcoming L.A. Show

    Oct. 23rd at the Mountain in Chinatown, Ad Nauseam Project and Formless Flower perform along with a series of short plays presented by Pharmacy