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  • Yield to Total Elation

    On March 6th, 2014, Jeff Grubic performed with Rich West and Joe Berardi at the Pharmacy’s event, “Yield to Total Elation” at the Monty Bar in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Upcoming Pharmacy performance

    3/6/14- L.A. CA- Jeff Grubic performs with Rich West and Joe Berardi for Pharmacy, an evening of performance, text and sound. The event takes place at The Monty in Los Angeles.

  • Jeff Grubic and Chamberlab

    On Feb. 28th, 2014, Jeff Grubic composed a piece entitled “Banda Sin Loa”, for Chamberlab at the Rialto Theater. More info can be found here.

  • We are still here!

    The Ad Nauseam Project is currently working on two projects. One is a traveling museum inspired by the archeology and nature exhibits found in rarely-visited state parks and Bureau of Land Management sites. We are also working on another variation of the Grubic’s Cube.

  • Pictures of Grubic’s Cube in Tours, FR

    Here is a link to some nice photos of the cube in Tours, FR. Special thanks to Rubin Steiner for booking. This was the line-up for the Tours show on 9/29/11: Jean-Baptiste (JB) Geoffrey (Pneu) Jérôme Vasserau (Pneu) Jeremy Morin (The Dictaphone) Sean Rogers (Signature Hedge Cumbia)  

  • Flying Dinner @ Cafe Rivolux, Paris

      On 10/10/11, I performed at a Flying Dinner, organized by the wonderful Linda Grabe and Samantha Barroero. I provided a replacement soundtrack for the Serge Bard film, Fun and Games for Everyone (1968), a film that ostensibly documents an art opening for Olivier Mosset. Thanks to Naïm Amor for his guitar accompaniment and Didier…

  • Links to upcoming shows in Nantes & Tours

    Here are two links to the show in Tours 29/9- and the two shows in Nantes 30/9, 1/10-

  • Answers to a few questions 1. At the age of 14, I joined a soul/R&B band that played 4 nights a week at some of the most dangerous clubs in Northern California. We would start at 9 pm and sometimes not finish until 6 the next morning. There were times when guns were pulled and…

  • New Grubic’s Cube

    The first Grubic’s Cube happened in 2009 at Hotel Congress in Tucson, Arizona. A four-piece jazz band was placed inside a cube and asked to play “The Girl from Ipanema” ad nauseam. Passers-by were given balloons to inflate and place in the cube with the intent of stopping the music by immobilizing the musicians. A…

  • recent radio show

    recent radio show

    About a month ago, Jazz Telephone was lucky enough to do a live broadcast on the local radio station, KXCI. They have a podcast in their archives if you are curious. One song they did not include in the podcast was something I did with another band, The Love Dogs, almost 30 years ago. Here…